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Ocean Drive - Collection Urban Wanderlust / Miami
Lady D - Dinner for one, 2016
Porsche 718 Cayman GT4
Objetivos de valor unitario
Armin Strom Gravity Earth Limited Edition Number 13/100
Marlene "Sag mir wo...."
Near the House
Rolex DiW Cosmograph NTPT Carbon Daytona “PAUL NEWMAN BLACK SC" (Retail:US$40,990)
Bronze Statuette of the Falcon-Headed God Horus
Rolex Motley in White
“Arcano XI, La Fuerza”, "Arcane XI, The Force"
There is something about everything
The Starry Sky and the Ladder I
Mussorgsky - image of an exhibition 2
Porsche Turbo 3.0
Altar der Freude, Teil 2
Lake Mungo, Red Top
Reflets, Collection Urban Wanderlust / Paris
Koenigsegg Regera
“Solsticio de Verano”, " Summer Solstice "
Aston Martin V8 Vantage N420
Lake Mungo, Red Top 3
Alfred Dumaine
“Arcano XV, El Diablo”, "Arcane XV, the Devil "
“Código Flamenco, Arrebato”, " Flamenco Code, Rapture "
Jacob & Co. EPIC X Tourbillon Black DLC Titanium EX101.21.PS.PP.A (Retail:HK$1,088,200)
Hero Paradise
Caviar Schale
Nowhere or 36 views of Fujiyama „Go“
Limestone Figure of a Seated Man
Richard Mille [2017 USED] Split-Second Chronograph RM 004-V2
CHEVROLET Bel Air '55 (Coupé)
“Arcano XXlI, El mundo”, "Arcane XXlI, The world"
The Carbon Rolex Hero
10 Street - Collection Urban Wanderlust /Miami
Porsche 718 Boxster Spyder
“Arcano X, Rueda de la fortuna”, "Arcane X, Wheel of Fortune "
Crac de Chevaliers Kreuzritterburg in Syrien
SOLD Josephin with Crocodile-Shoes
Jacob & Co. 捷克豹 [NEW] Caviar Tourbillon 44mm Emerald
Rolex DiW NTPT Carbon GMT-Master II "SPEEDSTER GMT" (Retail: EUR 32490)
"Epigram" 41
Sunrise Sunset 2
The 1st day of summer
Jacob & Co. EPIC SF 24 TOURBILLON BAGUETTE ES802.40.BD.BD.A (Retail:HK$2,904,000)
Jacob & Co. 捷克豹 [NEW][UNIQUE] Astronomia Octopus Tourbillon AT120.40.OU.SD.B (Retail:HK$7,744,000)
Palais Royal - Collection Urban Wanderlust/ Paris
Jacob & Co. Astronomia Clarity White Gold Tourbillon AT120.30.AD.SB.A (Retail:HK$4,752,000)
Mussorgsky - image of an exhibition
Patak Philippe [NEW] 5204P Split-Seconds Chronograph Perpetual Calendar
The lightest Rolex in the world
Celebration Series A No. 2
Porsche 991 Speedster "Heritage Edition"
Sunrise Sunset 4
Bronze Statuette of a Kneeling Pharaoh
Hawk Or Dove, That Is The Question
Attic Bell Krater attributed to the Painter of the Würzburger Amymone
The 3rd day of summer
Patek Philippe [2019 NEW] Nautilus Annual Calendar Moonphase White Dial 5726/1A
Ferrari 488 GTB 70th anniversary Limited Edition
Celebration Series A No. 1
Jazz! Collection Urban Wanderlust / New York
Bronze Statuette of God Thoth in Form of an Ibis
The morning light draws a shadow of the past
Palais Lumière, Collection Urban Wanderlust/Luxembourg
Tourbillon V1875 GEORGES V - Manufacture CLARET
Jacob & Co. [NEW MODEL] Opera Godfather Musical Watch With Icy Diamond Barrels
Destiny - The Erynnen come (red)
“Arcano VIII, La Justicia”, "Arcane VIII, The Justice "
Ferrari 488 GTB
not yet titled (Jungermann mit Sägeblatt am Kopf)
Armin Strom Manual Fire - Limited Edition 24/100
“Código Flamenco, Zambra”, " Flamenco Code, Zambra "
Nowhere or 36 views of Fujiyama „FunFair“
I am not perfect but limited edition
“Código Flamenco, Saetas”, " Flamenco Code, Arrows"
Lake Mungo, Walls of China
Altar der Freude - Teil 3
The Starry Sky and the Ladder III
“Código Flamenco, Etéreo”, " Flamenco Code, Ethereal "
Faience Cup with the Cartouche of Pharaoh Osorkon II.
Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 6265 “Gold Khanjar” Middle-East Edition with Original Rolex Paper
Richard Mille [NEW] RM 07-02 Green Sapphire Automatic Ladies Watch
Fragment of a Wood Furniture with a Winged Isis
Jacob & Co. Pioneer Tourbillon Rose Gold PI422.40.AB.AB.A (Retail:HK$1,672,000)
Armin Strom Manual Fire - Limited Edition 33/100
Nowhere or 36 views of Fujiyama „Play“
Nowhere or 36 views of Fujiyama „Hokkaido“, 3 x 120 cm x 100 cm, Ed. 01/06, 2009, Fine Art Print / Alu Dibond
Richard Mille [NEW] RM 023 White Gold Med Set Diamonds Mens Watch
Aston Martin Valkyrie
Richard Mille [NEW] RM 07-01 Pink Ceramic Automatic Ladies Watch
Abstract, contemporary, natural stones art
Sunrise Sunset 3
Big wheel, Collection Urban Wanderlust
Ferrari 488 Pista
„Joseph Beuys Oracle“,
Rhapsody In Red And Blue
Faience Shabti of Ipethemetes
Richard Mille [NEW] RM 022 Tourbillon Aerodyne Dual Time Zone Watch
Die grafische Einteilung einer Scheibe als Versuch einer Weltenteilung
Manhattan Bridge - Collection Urban Wanderlust / New York
Marilyn Monroe, Make Love Not War No.1
The 4th day of summer
Miami Beach, Collection Urban Wanderlust / Miami
Nowhere or 36 views of Fujiyama „Mikado“
Koenigsegg Jesko
Joël Equagoo - Die Begegnung - les rencontres
Aegean Votive Bronze Carriage
Homage an heinrich Böll
Armin Strom Gravity Water - Limited Edition 16/100
Espresso - Collection Urban Wanderlust / Luxembourg
Richard Mille [NEW] RM 11-03 FULL Rose Gold Automatic Flyback Chronograph
Heinrich Böll - Widerstand ist ein Freiheitsrecht
Old City, Collection Urban Wanderlust/Luxembourg
Café Bar Au Vis-à-vis - Collection Urban Wanderlust / Luxembourg
Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Twin Triple Axis Tourbillon TT100.40.NS.NK.C (Retail:HK$4,056,700)
Celebration Series B No. 1